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From Broken to Awoken: a step-by-step guide to personal happiness, success, and fulfillment

Do you wake up feeling stuck, and like life is against you? You're not alone! I was in your shoes once and would love to share with you how I went from being depressed and suicidal to happy, successful and fulfilled so you can too!  

Order your copy now of From Broken to Awoken: A step-by-step guide to personal happiness, success, and fulfillment, an 11-chapter eBook that helps people just like you find personal happiness and success!  

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A Note from the Author

Fourteen years ago I was one cut away from ending what felt like a purposeless and miserable life.  

I looked at everyone around me, and how great their lives seemed. Why were success and happiness so easy for everyone else, but for me such a struggle?  

I felt envious, confused and overwhelmed at where to begin to change my life. I was broke, misguided and full of dreams I had NO idea how to bring into fruition.  

But then things changed.  

I found my stride.  

And I developed my own, powerful techniques to bring personal happiness, success, and fulfillment into my life EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.  

Doing so has helped me in numerous ways, like being able to earn money online while spending time with my son, let go of and heal old wounds, learn from life and flow with it rather than against it, and bring my dreams from thought into physical, manifested reality.  

I didn't want to keep this knowledge and these practices inside because I know they were given to me to help inspire others who are currently seeking personal happiness, fulfillment, and success.  

So I created, "From Broken to Awoken: A step-by-step guide to personal happiness, success, and fulfillment."  

Take control of your life today, and purchase a copy now. 

Thank you for allowing me to be part of your journey, I'm excited for this new chapter in your life.  

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost?

Your payment of $3.99 gets you unlimited, lifetime access to the Kindle version of "From Broken to Awoken: A step-by-step guide to personal happiness, success, and fulfillment."

How do I know it's for me?

Are you strugling with personal happiness? 

Do you want more personal fulfillment in your life?

Do you want to enjoy more personal success?

Then this book is for you. This book is a guide for personal happiness, success and fulfillment. 

Does my location matter?

No! This book is available to anyone, anywhere! 

What if the book doesn't work for me?

If you read the entire book, and do all of the practices, mantras and exercises and don't see a positive change in your life, I will refund you the $3.99.

You MUST read the entire book, and work through all of the practices to qualify for a refund. 

When can I get started?

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